We are a family business and have been manufacturing bespoke Club Fenders at Acres Farm since 1979. The fenders are crafted in our ancient thatched barns by our own skilled team. We use up-to-date equipment, but the methods of manufacture, selection of the finest materials and emphasis on quality above all else are in the highest tradition of British workmanship. We offer an enormous range of styles. There are many different design, a broad choice of leather and colours, and a wide selection of materials (e.g. brass, wood, satin black finish, clear cast acrylic and brushed or polished steel, copper and bronze) or any combination of these. The price for a complete fender, upholstered in leather, starts from just £945 (plus VAT)

What makes Acres Farm stand out?


We use only solid brass (not plated), and our stainless steel will never rust. The painted fenders are stove enamelled for the most durable finish.


We have manufactured hand made club fenders since 1979. We have made many thousands of fenders over this time (no two of which are identical) and have a vast reserve of knowledge and experience.

Made in the UK

Although we are a family-run business, we can still meet the demands of any order, our largest single order so far for one house being ten. We have an agent in the United States, as well as shipping internationally.

Measuring Service

For confirmed orders, we are happy to measure on site for you without charge, within a reasonable distance of either of our bases in Berkshire and Perthshire.

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