Finishes and Materials

Brass Club Fenders

At Acres Farm, we only use 100% formed brass for our fender bases and solid brass for the rest of the metal work (not including the seat frames.) 

Polished brass, a mirror finish but will dull down over time if left untreated (Oven lacquered to prevent dulling, if required, at extra cost)

Hand bronzed finish on brass. We offer a light bronze finish as well, similar to antiqued brass but not ‘worn’.

Hand antiqued finish on brass

Stainless Steel Club Fenders

We use 100% stainless steel for the formed bases and solid stainless steel for the rest of the metal work (not including the seat frames). Stainless steel alloy is far more durable than standard (mild) steel as it is by the most durable of the two and will never rust.

Polished steel - a mirror finish

Brushed steel - a grained finish

Painted Club Fenders

Our painted fenders are made with mild steel. The powder coating is applied electro-statically and then cured under heat to provide a very hard wearing finish.

Satin black

Matt black


Matt bronze

Wooden Club Fenders

In either mahogany or oak, a club fender base mixed with metal collars and uprights is a stunning alternative. There are several stain options to choose from (contact us). We may use idigbo for painted fender bases or where the base is curved. 



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