Base Profile Options

Our metal bases are all made from formed sheet. We never use plated metal. The bases are made from solid sheet that has been formed into shape, but have more solid sheet attached with rivets to the underneath to aid stability.


Square base

A very minimalist base - also the least expensive. It measures 50mm x 50mm (2”x2”). Available in all finishes. See Gallery Image K


Stepped base

A slim foot print but with more detail than the other profiles. It measures 65mm x 60mm (2.5” x 2 3/8”). Available in all finishes except stainless steel. See Gallery Image N


Large formed base

Our most popular profile - it measures 90mm wide x 50mm. (3.5”x 2.5”). Available in all finishes. See Gallery Image B


Convex base

Our most bold profile. It measures 100mm x 65mm (4” x 2.5”). Available in all finishes. See Gallery Image E


Chamfered base

This base style works best in wood and can be curved as seen in the rounded curve style. See Gallery Image P


Wide base with metal inlay

Available in mahogany, Oak or Pine. It is 150mm wide which is slightly narrower than the seat, so is ideal for fireplaces which have a hearthstone that is the same width or a little wider. The inlay can be any metal finish, normally matching the uprights and collars. It measures 150mm x 50mm (6” x 2”). See Gallery Image M


Dual base

This is two large formed base styles, - used on our straight style fenders with dual base. See Gallery Image 0


Small formed base

This base is used for the low fender only. Available in all finishes. It measures 60 x 50mm (2.5” x 2”) See Gallery Image U

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